The confidence generation process of skillful communication


Examine needs and align expectations
Details• Scope definition
• Questions to be answered
• Technical issues
• Operational bottlenecks
• Market situation
• Strategic challenges
• Government regulation

The facts to rely on
Details• Gathering clues
• Observations
• Interviews
• Measurements
•  Verifications
• Design data
• Downtime records
• Manuals
• Lab analysis


Piece it all together
Details• Data analysis
• Calculations
• Integrating knowledge
• Developing hypotheses
• Simulations
• Testing
• Best practice comparisons
• Cross field examinations


Crystalize consequences
Details• Gaining overview
• Clarity of consequences
• Structure
• Examining solutions
• Perspective-taking
• Scenarios
• Pros and cons

The Way Forward
Organize insights
Details• Answers
• develop understanding
• Charting steps ahead
• Landmarks for navigation
• Executive panorama view
• Thorough explanations
• How-to recommendations
• Clarity of cause and effect
• Stepwise action plan

Sense of Direction
A foundation to go far

Details• Substance and Focus
• Good decision-making
• Confidence in solutions
• Aligned efforts
• Feedback and follow-up
• Low-hanging fruits
• Improve what is available
• Let success breed success

In CemWise we know about cement…

The solid foundation under our work is expert knowledge of the complex systems of clinker production. We know about the important details all the way from the selection of quarried material and design of the optimal raw mix; through the significance of raw meal grinding and blending, to the requirements of a precise burning and cooling. We also know the many issues that come forth in cement grinding and quality if something is off in the up-stream process.

…and we know about skillful communication

Clear cooperation
Clarifying requirements

In CemWise we know how easily misunderstandings can occur if expectations are not well aligned.

Ahead of a proposal we clarify requirements by putting ourselves in the shoes of our clients to explore challenges and visions. Only when we are certain, we have a good understanding of the questions to be investigated, we will make a proposal including a clear specification of scope.

Getting a grip on the situation
Finding facts, Processing knowledge, Quenching conclusions

Sorting out the relevant knowledge is a process in three main steps.

In the beginning, the weight is on identifying facts, that can be relied on. These clues are then used as input to calculations and analyses. Clues are seen in perspective of each other and qualified with experience from similar cases. Hypotheses about causality are developed and steps back to establish more facts may be required to prove or disprove them.

Once an essential causality is confirmed with sufficient certainty, the work of evaluating possible solutions begins.

In CemWise we prioritize solutions that make the best of what is already available, but all solutions are examined for their benefits and disadvantages to the situation.

A clear sense of direction
Drawing the chart

The usefulness of knowledge – and its ability to take us far – depends very much on the shape and order in which it is presented.

Once we know what to communicate, we begin the equally important work of how to communicate it. In CemWise we aim to make presentations and reports well defined stepping stones for our clients to develop a clear sense of direction. We work a lot with the quality of our explanations, and we continuously develop models and visualizations to illuminate important connections and make it easy to gain overview.

Our work is based on a firm belief that sustainable improvement is realized most efficiently by taking one step at a time. We make practical action plans, specifying prerequisites, and – in a larger perspective – we define main steps for improvement to ensure that the feasibility of a first step will build up drive and confidence to continue along this road. Essentially, CemWise provide a road map of the landscape of relevant knowledge. It is a road map that comes with clear directions and a spotlight on the difficult junctions that require special attention.

Leading by substance and focus
Confidence in solutions

In CemWise, we are very much aware that no matter how right a piece of advice is, it is never more than half the solution. The other half is the confidence that it is the right solution. If people believe a solution is the proper one, they will do their best to make it work and continuous effort is crucial for succesful, sustainable improvement.

Efforts are aligned and fueled from a cocktail of substance and focus. It is the right advice in combination with consistent follow-up, that drives implementation.

In CemWise, we are always keen to take our advice all the way to its successful completion with programs of implementation support and subscriptions for hotline technical assistance.