Technically founded management consulting

CemWise provides management consulting based on the evaluation of technical conditions. It is a bottom-up approach to support well-founded strategic decisions, defining targets that are ambitious while still realistic.

It is not every day small and medium sized cement producers invest in major upgrades or a new line. When confronted with such out of the ordinary decisions, CemWise will help ensure that all relevant information is collected, quality checked, analyzed and evaluated to provide clarity of consequences and a solid foundation for the right decisions to be made.

Technical advisory

The quarry is the most important asset in cement production. It is crucial to optimize lifetime to make sure cement production can continue for decades. We can assist with a proper estimation of material availability and accessibility, develop a 3D block model and establishing a mining plan, taking into account chemical composition for stable operation and proper access and safety conditions.

CemWise can evaluate current capacities on main equipment, identify the bottlenecks and outline the investment scenarios in order to bring production up to the next levels.

In CemWise we make 360° assessments for machinery selection: capacities, pros and cons of machinery types and suppliers, safety margins of supporting equipment.

Bidders on modifications, upgrades or new lines require a lot of information. We can make sure all required information is collected and quality checked and presented as technical specification in the tender documents.

In CemWise we help keep an end-to-end perspective on project goals and provide input to communication with stakeholders like finance institutions, authorities etc. We assist with project planning and provide support for supplier and contractor agreements and coordination through all phases of the project

Communication and PR

In CemWise we support with elaboration of a stakeholder communication matrix. Stakeholders need to be involved and/or informed at sufficient frequency and detail level for succesful execution of a project.

Whenever a need arises for precise and skillful communication, CemWise can be of assistance with content analysis, illustrations and wording for presentations, articles, letters etc.